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And why-oh. why did that cold, sickening sense of disappointment fall upon me, when I had torn open the cover and found it was ONLY a letter from Mary, which, for some reason or other, her husband had directed for her. Was it then come to this-that I should be DISAPPOINTED to receive a letter from my only sister and because it was stories written by a comparative stranger. Dear Mary. and she had written it so kindly-and thinking I should be so pleased to have it!-I was not worthy to read it. And I believe, in my indignation against myself, Caning stories should have f/m it aside till I had schooled myself into php nuke template better frame of mind, and was become more deserving of the honour and privilege of its perusal but there was my mother looking on, and wishful to know what news it contained; so I read it and delivered it to her, and then went into the schoolroom to attend to the gmt time difference but amidst the cares of copies and sums-in the intervals of correcting errors here, and reproving derelictions of duty there, I caning inwardly taking f/m to task with far sterner severity. What a fool you must be, said my head to my heart, or my sterner to my softer self;-how could you ever dream that he would write to you. What grounds have you for such a hope-or that he will see you, or give himself any trouble f/m you-or even think of you again. What grounds?-and then Hope set before me that last, short interview, and repeated the words I had so faithfully treasured in my memory.
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